Shambhala Music Fest 2014

Every year the Bundschuh family open their ranch in British Columbia for an epic EMD Festival. In 2014 there were six stages. The most popular is the Fractal Forest. Looks like fun! Reports:

Rick and Sue Bundschuh moved their family to therugged Kootenay region to set up a cattle ranch and lumber milling operation in the mid-90s. It was their kids who created the first Shambhala Festival in 1998 with two stages and 500 people attending. Now there are six stages and more than 10,000 attendees but there’s still no corporate sponsorship. The family says, “Our attendees are our sponsors.” It helps to own the land where you’re throwing a festival and it shows in the investment in infrastructure and the care with which this festival is curated. With more than 2,000 volunteers assisting (known as “Shambassadors ”), this truly is an extended family affair and an EDM festival in which you’re likely to find zero attitude. Plus, there’s no booze on-site which keeps the vibe mellow. When not hosting the festival, the ranch is a working farm with cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and miniature donkeys.

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